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alpha levo iq review-minWho does not wants to gain muscle power naturally but, in some persons, it does not comes naturally. For them, Alpha Levo IQ is the product! It is 100% natural and is quicker in providing results. The product is like any other muscle building product but has a much better composition in terms of ingredients. It is safe and effective. The product ensures better results within lesser period of time. It is amazing and worth spending money on!

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About of Alpha Levo IQ

This supplement reduces the fat settlement from the body with the help of the natural ingredients which it consists. It grants us a healthy body in which muscle growth happens easily. The product rids us from laziness and fatigue and helps us during the exercising sessions at the gym.

This FDA approved formula looks after our digestion and colon activities. It builds up the flow of blood in the body and maintains the hormonal balance. The supplement helps us in performing better during intercourse by pumping up the testosterone count in the system. It increases metabolism, enthusiasm and energy levels too.

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Fish oil

Folic acid


Omega-3 triglycerides: (EPA) & (DHA)

Vit B6

Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo)

Vit B12

How does it work?

Trust on this supplement because of the benefits it provides and also due to its natural composition. It contents are known to reduce the fat enhancing agents from being absorbed by the body. This supplement pumps up the protein synthesis in the body and validates the process of muscle growth. In simple words, it grants us a ripped physique.

The product also boosts the flow of blood in our system which is directly related to the effective working of all our organs. It rejuvenates us completely after a hard day at work, fills us with stamina and builds up the testosterone count so that we give a memorable performance in the bed. The product also looks after our digestion ailments.

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Better blood circulation

Pumped up stamina

Greater energy levels

Ripped physique

Stupendous hormonal changes

Lesser fat deposition

Miraculously amplified muscle mass

Boosted testosterone flow

Wonderful married life

Side effects

It is very hard to find a pure and natural supplement like this in today’s time. Every product which is available in the market today is adulterated but, this product is 100% organic and the approval by the FDA is its proof. The product does not causes any harm and keeps us fit. It is because of its benefits that this supplement is recommended by numerous doctors.


Mr. Mark Symonds says that the supplement has made his dream of attaining a muscle-fit body true. He has been consuming the product since 3 weeks now and has accomplished his goal of fat reduction. He claims that the product has improved his energy levels and activeness as well.

Mr. Tim Bullock calls the product a magnificent research. He has been recommended the use of the product by his doctor because of his poor testosterone count. Bullock says that with the regular consumption of these pills, day and night, his enthusiasm and metabolism levels have sky rocketed. He is much active in the bed now. The product has given him a ripped physique too which he loves to flaunt.

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Do not permit its consumption to children and young boys

The pills must be taken on the recommendation of doctor

Keep the pack away from heat and moisture

Check the safety seal before accepting the delivery

Never over consume

Do not refrigerate the supplement

Place the lid on the pack properly after use

Pills must be protected from direct sunlight and UV rays


This supplement comes with a fixed pattern of dosage. One must consume two pills in a day with lukewarm water. Fix morning time for one pill and evening or night for the other. Do not over consume the supplement as the body may not support the salts present in it and then it may cause harm to the system.

Results will be visible after?

Generally, results start to appear within 2-3 weeks but, in some cases it might take a month. However, the product starts acting on the body from the very first day itself so continue the consumption until you gain desired results.

Free trial?

Only the first time customers who are registered on the website of this product are eligible to order the free trial pack. The 15-day pack is absolutely free and is delivered at the doorstep of the customers. You can order it by using the ‘free trial’ tab on the page. This offer is time bound so order it as soon as possible.

How can you buy?

Not available everywhere, Alpha Levo IQ can be brought from its official store. You just need to have internet connection to order it. Visit its official website, register yourself and place the order for the product today. The supplement will be delivered to you without any extra charges. In case, you are not satisfied with it, you can even return the product within 15 days. Do not wait, order it today!

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